Track Breakdown

Conversations (Noise)


The multiple pieces of dialogue within this song are all from a Frank Zappa recording session that was shut down by the police due to continual noise complaints. The officer essentially lays out that he has been called there multiple days in a row and wants to try and reason with them rather than deal with the continued issue. The whole time it is very tongue in cheek – the engineer plays it off like he’s just doing his job of recording music and is surprised by this sudden intrusion.

Another thing that I had found was from a demo in which the drums were in somewhat bad quality. Overall, the quality matched the quality of the very candid recording of the officer at the studio with Zappa, so I liked them being paired together. As a singular piece, it made the track sound like it was the music that was being recorded in the studio when the officer arrived.

The final piece is the airy strings that tie the piece together overall. The very crystal clear sound of the strings counteracted the quality of the other two pieces in a way that produced a very unique listening experience. In this semi-fabricated scene, it gives the impression that the playback is stuck on loop while they deal with the officer.

This track was a short interlude track from my 2011 self-titled album, Hi-Fi. Overall, this was a track that may come off as somewhat forgettable among the other songs on the album, but it has help a special place with me.


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