The Process Of A Remix...

clung (Hi-Fi 2DAY Remix)

I was honestly really proud of this track because this was one of the first ever remixes I've ever done. It got released through Dreamgarden Records located here in San Diego a couple days ago.

I got all of the stems (the audio files for all of the instruments in a song) on a Tuesday whilst the other artists had received theirs a week before me. The remixes were due that Friday and I was kind of stuck on where to start. I had heard a small preview of the original track but I didn't want to hear the whole thing before I did the remix. Doing it this way would keep me from relying too hard on the original. I then heard samples of the remixes by the two other artists on this release and started to mine. The other artists stayed in the same rhythmic pattern of the original and that was the first thing I wanted to change.

I decided to go for a more Caribbean/dancehall feel which gave my remix a completely different spin on the original. This was then paired with a vocal sample from Shabba Rank's "Ting-a-Ling" which basically provided an extra layer of percussion because of his cadence in speaking. The last new instrument that I added was a talking vocal sample that came from an unlikely source. When Lydon contacted me about the remix, he spoke about the origin of the song and how it was all based around love. Getting "clung" to someone without knowing whether they could be stringing you on. Hearing this made me immediately think back to a music video I saw a couple years ago for Ciara's "Body Party". In this video Ciara and a romantic partner meet and flirt. Their dialogue fit perfectly for the intro and outro to my remix.

It was now Thursday and I only had about half of the remix done. I was starting to stress a little bit because I felt that I had hit a brick wall. It was then that I talked to Lydon again and he informed me that I had only received 17 of the original 66 stems for remixing. I was honestly a little amazed that I didn't catch that beforehand. He apologized and offered to send me the rest. I told him not to worry about it and instead send me only 2 more of the stems at random. This would provide me a challenge and test my skills in order to work under pressure. The two stems he gave me provided the exact inspiration I needed to finish this new interpretation of the original composition.


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