Track Breakdown

Culture Shock (Chazz Brujo)


was the first track written for FeverDream: A Dedication Compilation. One of my close friends and great fellow musicians, Chazz Brujo, had recently travelled to Thailand to be with someone he cared about. Before he left, we had a small discussion about how he was excited to go but nervous to arrive in this foreign country. The idea of traveling outside of your comfort zone in order to pursue your love really inspired me and was the motivation for writing this track.

The sound of the Thai natives talking in the beginning of the song brought the location into the atmosphere of the record. The warbled chord progression that loops until it glitches out audibly felt like the mechanical feel of an airplane: That fear-inducing but familiar sound that roars as the plane gets ready to take off. I tried to keep most of my sampling fairly non-traditional in this piece with nearly every instrument being chopped up to a stutter. It strains your ear to listen closely to see if you can discern the melody or rhythm being played. Whenever you travel to another country on vacation, you might learn a couple of key phrases or words but it is difficult to understand and hold a full dialogue. Letting the listener try to discern the chopped up melody puts you in the shoes of Chazz Brujo as he had to navigate a country full of speakers with whom he could barely communicate. As the tempo picks up, the instrumentation gets more aggressive and sporadic. The last element is the "Be My Baby..." singing. This classic doo-wop sound brung me feelings of love and longing so I used that to represent the constant thoughts of his loved one driving him forward on his journey.


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