How I Compose

My main method of composition is sampling. I re-use and repurpose recorded sounds and songs to make new compositions. I frequent thrift stores, record shops, and estate sales to find inspiration. These journeys then lead me to discovering new music. Countless artists, albums, and songs I find that are out of my normal listening routine. This drives me to collect more and appreciate the artistry behind it. Capturing and creating moments are what music is all about to me. Finding an old home movie vhs, taking the audio from it, and putting the dialogue on top of my composition creates a new scene. I take small pieces of the past to create my songs in the present. A lot of people argue that sampling is stealing, however, the art form is based around music appreciation.

Some of my favorite places to research and discover samples are

Goodwill Bins in Sacramento, CA

(the best treasure hunt you will ever go on. CDs, clothing, vinyl, vhs, keyboards, used underwear, etc. all sold by the pound. Be sure to wear gloves haha)

Bookoff in the Convoy area of San Diego.

(Incredible amount of cheap Japanese imported CDs and vinyl)

Dimple Records in Sacramento, CA

(incredible selection of any and every record you could need)

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