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hope is finally intact

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A lot has happened since 2018. When I started work on a new record, I had envisioned it as this organic woodsy glitchy album with construction paper children's book-esque artwork. It slowly shifted overtime and as I wrote more, I became more insecure about what I was writing. Nothing was fitting that original concept that I had rigidly set in my mind. I wrote and wrote to the point where I had over 5 hours of material. As the pandemic started, I lost my job and just stopped working on music all together, falling into an emotional slump. With help in therapy I was able to start to come to terms with the trauma I've gone through in my life and it gave me a new perspective on everything. I finally realized who I was and why I'd hated myself for so long. And with that realization, I knew what the album was, I knew who I was. I've never put out anything this personal but I'm so proud of what I've put together.

I can't describe how bizarre of a feeling it is to have felt miserable for 27 years and then one day, everything changed.

the moon behind the mountains/
the face between the trees

the new album by hi-fi
december 2021


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